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VPOLL Integration with Zoom for Meetings and Webinars

One Screen Is All You Need

VPOLL is integrated into Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars through the Zoom App Marketplace. Assuming you have a VPOLL account, you can operate VPOLL directly from within Zoom!  Your participants no longer need two devices, one for Zoom and another for VPOLL, when attending a Zoom session.  Everything is conducted within the Zoom window.


Furthermore, you can still use VPOLL in a hybrid meeting environment.  Simply operate VPOLL in Zoom so that your Zoom attendees can participate.  Meanwhile, the in-person attendees can also log on to VPOLL as they would normally through the VPOLL website and all the question responses are tabulated together and shared with everyone.

Zoom Meetings

First Time Users: Add the VPOLL app to your Zoom Apps.  

  1. Open Zoom
  2. Click the Apps icon to bring up the Apps Marketplace
  3. In the Search field, type in “VPOLL” to search for the VPOLL app.
  4. Then click the “Get” button to display the VPOLL app.
  5. Add the VPOLL app to your Marketplace by clicking on the “Sign In and Add” button
  6. Then click the “Open” button.

You have now added the VPOLL app to your Zoom Apps.  Now that the VPOLL app has been added, in the future you simply click the Zoom App icon in the bottom menu and then click on the VPOLL app icon to open it and log in to VPOLL.  

To log in to VPOLL:

1. Click on the Apps icon in Zoom menu to open the Apps Marketplace.  Click on the VPOLL app to open VPOLL.

2. VPOLL asks how you wish to access VPOLL.  Select “Administrator”. Please note: to operate VPOLL and run Polling Sessions and Surveys, you must use the desktop version of Zoom. In the mobile version of Zoom, you can only be a VPOLL participant.

3. Now enter your VPOLL email and password as you normally would if you were accessing VPOLL through the VPOLL website.

Now that you are logged in to VPOLL, you can create and Run Meetings, Polling Sessions, and Surveys just as if you were logged in to VPOLL through the VPOLL website. The next step in Zoom is to invite your Zoom Participants to access VPOLL.

Invite Zoom Participants to Access VPOLL

1. Click the Invite Participants icon in the upper right corner of the Zoom window.

2. A window pops up listing the participants that have joined Zoom.  There is an option to invite All Participants or you can select participants individually and invite them.

Note: You MUST have the Chat feature enabled in order to invite Zoom Participants to access VPOLL.

Participant Access to VPOLL

After you invite your participants to access VPOLL, they must go through a couple of steps to provide permission to get the VPOLL app and then log on to VPOLL just as they would normally if they were going through the VPOLL website.


Step 1: Open the VPOLL App

A window pops up allowing participants to Open the VPOLL app.  There may or may not be some additional prompts to accept the terms of using the VPOLL app.  Please note that the invitation also appears in Zoom Chat automatically.

Step 2: Join VPOLL

Participants are then asked how they wish to join VPOLL.  They are to select the “Participant” option.

Step 3: Enter the Meeting Access Code, Login Criteria, and Select the Polling Session

At this point, these are the same log on procedures to access VPOLL as normal.

Desktop View