Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about VPOLL’s online polling solution system below.

How do you ensure accurate online voting?

One of the ways that we ensure accurate online polling is by offering login critieria that participants enter when logging on to VPOLL. You can have participants log on anonymously but then VPOLL will not be able to identify that participant or discern one participant from another. When you incorporate login criteria, VPOLL can then identify that participant. As a result, VPOLL can prevent a participant from voting more than once and, if desired, you can get a report by participant to see their answers to your questions.

Is VPOLL free to use?

VPOLL provides a number of payment plans. The free payment plan allows one user per plan to ask questions of up to 25 people. Check out our pricing page for a breakdown of each of our robust plans and the annual costs of these plans.

What kinds of questions can you ask with VPOLL?

We pride ourselves on making VPOLL accessible to all your polling needs. That’s why we offer a variety of robust question types, including Yes/No/Abstain questions, multiple-choice questions, rank order questions, matrix questions, and even short answers. With VPOLL, you can feel confident in your ability to design the questions most beneficial to you!

Why would someone want to use weighted voting?

Weighted votes are used for organizations that have needs beyond a "one person, one vote" rule. In voting and election applications in particular, there may be a need in which participants have different values, or weightings, for voting.  For example, a shareholder's meeting in which those that own a greater share of stock in an company have a higher weighting when casting their vote. Their vote has a greater influence than somebody that owns fewer shares. VPOLL can accommodate this need.

What kind of support do you offer to your users?

Support is just a phone call away for all VPOLL users.

Users on paid plans can also enjoy electronic support via email. This is a great way to receive more nuanced technology tutorials or answers to in-depth questions.

You can also contact us about our full-service solution. With this solution, your team can enjoy even more in-depth voting support.

Can we personalize our polls?

Every VPOLL payment plan comes with your choice of 10 different professional background templates. The professional, premier, and enterprise plans allow for further customization, including:
● Custom background colors
● Custom background images
● Custom access codes
● Custom logos

How can I use VPOLL to increase audience engagement?

Whether you’re running a classroom or a conference, keeping your audience engaged is one of your main jobs. Luckily, VPOLL can help you transform traditional activities into engagement opportunities.

With VPOLL, you can ask questions and receive answers in real time. Audience members can answer questions directly from their phones or laptops. This is much more accessible for many audience members — especially students who are too shy to raise their hands, or conference participants who may be sitting in a back row and do not want to walk to the microphone in the aisle.

Consider, for example, hosting a live Q&A session. Your audience members could submit their stories or responses via short answers, and you could read these responses out loud and engage with them in real time. This is a great way to increase the back-and-forth dynamic between you and your audience and keep them interested in what you have to say.

Can I use VPOLL for crowdsourcing information?

Absolutely! The same great technology that lets you use VPOLL for multiple-choice questions also lets you use it for crowdsourcing answers from larger audiences. You can capture open-ended, text responses and display a live feed and even produce a word cloud for a visualization of your audience's opinions and feedback. Our Professional and Enterprise plans allow you to collect responses by the thousands, making VPOLL a great tool for crowdsourcing information.